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Pink is a company of women devoted to embracing their God-given femininity, maximizing their strengths, and wisely stewarding their influence.

We are passionate about growing in our relationship with God. It is this foundational relationship that reveals who we are to become. We come alive to the wonder and truth of who we truly are and all we’ve been created to achieve. We learn that our value is based on who we are in Christ, not in what we do.

We are positioned to love extravagantly because we have experienced unconditional love. When women are loved, encouraged, and believed in, their potential takes shape, powerfully influencing everyone they encounter. Love has exponential power to transform.

We are purposeful about our destiny because we have been entrusted with talents and abilities that will make a difference. As we mobilize women to grow in stature, we can bless wherever the need arises. Our devotion inspires us to make sacrifices as well as cheer others on in their race.

We are powerful because we are born influencers. As influencers, we bring people together and shape relationships. Our potential is vast as we encourage our husbands, kids, employers, employees, friends, and neighbors to join us as passionate Christ followers.

We are poised for this moment. There is no limit to what a company of women can achieve when they unite in friendship and love. We are living “for such a time as this.” 

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